The work 'Don Quixote nomad' wins the Children's Baroque competition of the Almagro Theater Festival

The work ‘Don Quixote nomad’ wins the Children’s Baroque competition of the Almagro Theater Festival


The jury has decided by majority to reward the work directed by Elena Bolaños “for the magnificent use” of new technologies applied to a universal workThe 46th edition of the Almagro Classic Theater Festival will have more than 40 shows from June 29.

ABC – Ciudad Real – 07/07/2023

The work ‘Don Quixote nomad’, by the Seville company bricAbrac, has been the winner of the twelfth Children’s Baroque competition of the Festival International Classical Theater of Almagro and can be seen at the end of the year at the Fernán Gómez theater. Cultural Center of the Villa de Madrid. The jury has decided by majority to reward the work directed by Elena Bolaños “for the magnificent use” of new technologies applied to a universal work, in perfect combination with the rigorous and careful work of the manipulators , without losing the essence of craftsmanship in the making of puppets and scenographic elements that, together with a sense of humor, manages to bring the Cervantine universe closer to a wide range of audiences. The ruling also includes a special mention for the version of ‘La Life is a dream’ by the Peruvian company Teatro La Plaza. The jury was made up of Sergio de Toro, a student at the Miguel de Cervantes public school; Paula Maestro, a student at the Paseo Viejo de la Florida public school, and Abril Cazalla, a student at the Diego de Almagro public school, all of them located in Ciudad Real, as well as Teresa Pérez-Prat, the festival’s programming coordinator, and Juan Pablo Soler, director of the Performing Arts Area of ​​the Murcia City Council.

Don Quixote nomad is inspired by the great work of Spanish literature, which adapts the novel by Cervantes in a piece in which the classic formula of a tour of language comedians converges with a contemporary aesthetic and technical proposal. This will takes the form of a collage that fuses the puppet show and live cinema, in such a way that traditional poetics is integrated into technology. The characters built on paper are recorded by five cameras that collect the different points of view that are ordered live to narrate, in a comic key, the story of the gentleman with the sad figure. «The theater made without borders» The announcement of the winner of Barroco Infantil took place this Friday during the press conference in which Ricardo Iniesta, from the company Atalaya; Eduardo Vasco, from November Theatre; Rodrigo Arribas, from Fundación Siglo de Oro, and Guzmán Calzada, from Miscelánea Ensemble, who are presenting their works this afternoon in the different spaces of the festival.

“Theater is made without borders, it is universal heritage,” said Iniesta, whose company landed this afternoon at the Casa Palacio de los Villarreal with ‘El avaro de Molière’, a review in a musical key and with current affairs of the best-known work by the French playwright in what is his second visit to the festival after La Celestina, which he presented in the year 2013. Eduardo Vasco, who, at 8:00 p.m., presents Abre el ojo in AUREA, has referred to Rojas Zorrilla, author of the work, as “the most scoundrel of the Golden Age.” The director of the CNTC between 2004 and 2011 participates twice this year in the festival. In addition to Abre el ojo, Vasco will present on Sunday, at 1:00 p.m., at the Municipal Theater, the show-document The recitation of the classic verse on blackboard records (1898-1936), where he reviews the sound memory of the Spanish actors of the first third of the 20th century. With ‘La dama boba’ arrives tonight at the Corral de Comedias Rodrigo Arribas, from Fundación Siglo de Oro, presenting his version of the mythical sitcom by Lope de Vega, a «beautiful and funny text that speaks of the true possibility of transformation through love”. While Guzmán Calzada, director of the Belgian company Miscelánea Ensemble, made up of members from different latitudes, has reeled from Eso rigor e repente, a musical proposal centered on the repertoire of Spanish Golden Age that reveals the exchanges in Hispanic music between the great centers of the empire on both shores of the Atlantic Ocean and that will have its world premiere tonight at the Casa Palacio de Juan Jedler. «It is an unbeatable opportunity to present our show here”, has recognized Calzada, who has shown as one of the distinctive signs of the concert the fact that accents from different sources are intermingled, which enriches the musicality and orchestration of the voice.

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