Don Quixote Nomad

Don Quijote Nómada de bricAbrac Teatro es una compañía de teatro profesional


On April 15 and 16, 2023 at the II Baroque Theater Festival "Casa de la Moneda" at the LA FUNDICIÓN Theater in Seville, Spain. 





The project

The project is an innovative proposal that combines the classic formula of a tour of traveling actors with a contemporary aesthetic and technical proposal. The public will live an experience in an unconventional space, with the idea of ​​bringing theater closer to the public, but also with the idea of ​​doing so in a non-everyday space. This concludes the proposal as a unique and unrepeatable experience that everyone will want to live. The dramaturgical basis of the show is an adaptation of the work of Miguel del Cervantes "Don Quixote". We renamed our version "Don Quixote Nomade" where our concept of fusing a universal and world famous classic of literature with character and the intention to be a mobile project with the desire to go around the world is clear.

The words of Miguel de Cervantes

We do not believe it, Miguel de Cervantes himself dedicates a few words to us for our next creation DON QUIXOTE NOMADE. Thank you for stopping by yesterday's rehearsal and recording this video.



The device will be simple in the result, but complex in its realization, through the audiovisual collage of the manipulation of the puppets and the actions of the performers - actors - manipulators, they will tell a synthetic version, without losing the essential, of the most famous character of our literature. An emblematic character, known throughout the world and whose work became famous in its time, a time of great change since it was published in the midst of the transition from medieval thought to Renaissance thought. Our world is in full transformation; This is why we find very strong links with the work, with the ironic language of the author and with the characteristics of this character between hero, madman and idealist who fights for justice but who in turn accepts the failure with great dignity.

The show

This show is planned to be enjoyed both in a conventional space and in unusual spaces, since the technical team even contemplates the contribution of the batteries that will supply the necessary energy to supply the electrical equipment during the performance.

These two versions will be called; Room version and Street version. An absolute dark will only be necessary where it is carried out since the audiovisuals will look with greater contrast the more darkness there is.

This show will be aimed at the same public to which Cervantes intended his work and as he says in his Second Part in Chapter III: “it is so clear, that there is nothing to make it difficult: children handle it, young men read it, men understand it and the old celebrate it; and, finally, it is so hackneyed and so widely read and so well known by all sorts of people that they have scarcely seen a skinny nag when they say: "There goes Rocinante."

How it is clear in this fragment is a show for all audiences. The duration of the show will be 70 minutes. The text of the narrator and the dialogues will be completely in voice-over since it will be Cervantes' own work that tells the story, with which this voice can be translated into all the languages ​​that are necessary to complete the cultural expedition.