Yanira Muñoz / YaniPi

Construction stage space and puppets

Yanira Muñoz - Construcción espacio escénico - YaniPi
Trained as a riverside carpenter in the creation of a boat; with the Nao Victoria Foundation, working for it as a riverside carpenter on board a voyage in 2009. Her passion for wood leads her to explore lost trades such as marquetry, restoration and Mudejar lacework at the Gelves School of Craftsmen. It increases its field in the Wood School Consortium of Córdoba, CEMER. In this place, learn varnishing and lacquering in a professional way, gold and polychrome, design and creation through digital programming with programs such as 3dstudio, Auto Cad, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop among others.

Graduated in Scenography from the Superior School of Dramatic Art of Seville (2012-2016) she will finish her studies with several Honors.

Master in Art, Idea and Production from the University of Seville. (2018)

Some of her most notable works as a set designer are carried out for:

The wonderful world of Juan Villa Herrero and the props of Cuarto Milenio.

Help in the construction of scenery and costumes in different works such as "Luces de bohemia" with Curt Allen Wilmer.

Build the wonderful team of live vintage sound special effects from the play "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Teatrasmagoria;

He works on "Oriolo, The First Work of Art" with Mar Aguilar.

Construction of set elements for the company Apasionaria producciones in (2018).

And set elements for the Alice in Wonderland musical from Wonderland Shows (2021).