Matthieu Berthelot / berth99

Videos, Animations and Music

Matthieu Berthelot - berth99 - Videos, Animaciones y Música
Founder of the company bricAbrac Professional Theater of Photography, video-creations, graphic designer, composer of sound and musical space.

His love for music from a young age leads him to play several instruments and the creation of music groups in his native France where he participates in an artistic movement in his city created by a group of artists from various disciplines (painting, sculpture, video- creations, music, theater, storytelling). We must not forget that he was born in Laval, the cradle of the absurd since he belongs to the same city as Alfred Jarry, author of Ubu Rey, this fact will mark his work.

Graduated in Commercial Action in Mayenne (FR) and in BAC Technological Sciences and Specialty in Accounting and Management in Laval (FR).

Professional course Introduction to distribution, given by Nines Carrascal in Palma, Theater Fair in the South of Palma del Río in June 2008.

Professional Course on Management of Cultural Companies, organized by the Junta de Andalucía, C.C.O.O. and the University of Seville. Training with the collaboration of La Fundición de Sevilla and ATAES.

Professional Marketing course applied to the performing arts, taught by Miguel Ángel Pérez in Seville in September 2009, organized by ACTA.

Professional video Mapping course, taught by Juanjo Fernández Rivero (Gnomalab) in April 2018, organized by EPFCA in Seville.

Composer of sound spaces for the following theater companies: Cía bricAbrac Teatro, Cía Apasionaria Producciones and Cía Vérsame Mucho.

Best Music Award for “C ́EST LA VIE” in the Sevilla Joven 2006 contest.