The bricAbrac Teatro company was born in 2005 with the premiere of its first show "C ́est la vie", for which they received numerous awards and excellent reviews throughout the country.

Since then its shows have been the result of constant work, perseverance and specialization of its component in the development of various roles; since they themselves develop the proposals as a craft product, making the texts, the music, the plastic proposal and the staging as a work built at the same time in continuous communication so that all the layers of the scenic discourse are in coherence.

This taste for craft and slow-fire production has led to an evolution in the way of telling, the members of bricAbrac Teatro, trained in audiovisual production, are undergoing a transformation in their art and narrative, without losing their essence. in his way of creating.

Don Quijote Nómada will be the first project where they will develop this first contact with the new language of live cinema, a beautiful challenge that they are eager to show.