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Anabella Hernández - Marketing, Financiación y Distribución
Graduated in Dramatic Art at ESAD in Seville, she later complemented her training with theater and clown teachers, leaders on the national and international scene, such as Alfonso Zurro, Juan Carlos Sánchez, Begoña Valle, Antón Valen, Miguel Crespi, Jesús Jara, Lluna Albert, Ricardo Iniesta, Gabriel Chamé, Jango Edwards, Omar Argentino, Emilio Goyanes, Bibba Sheikh, etc..

In theater, she has worked as an actress with Síndrome Clown in its production "Cineclown 3D", with which she has toured throughout Spain, and in various children's shows by the Al-Alba company (in which Lola Caracola, nominated for the Lorca of the Andalusian Theater for Best Play for Children and Family Audiences), Esther de Juglaría and Bambari.

On television he has appeared in Canal Sur programs such as "Brigada de Fenómenos" and "El gran queo", although he has also ventured into the audiovisual media in several short films (Parking, Appearances, Mr. Lagente, etc.), in the online series Honorio Obispo and in the feature film Brujas by Pilar Távora.

In the field of production, he has worked for theater companies such as Al-Alba Teatro or Enreda Teatro, and with companies such as Marketing Vivo (Madrid), Escultura (Sevilla and Madrid) and Epse Clown. She is one of the founders of the creative space LaSededé, an art and culture center located in the heart of Seville.


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