The Echegaray Theater will open its doors to host the Children’s Theater cycle
Tickets for the shows will go on sale at 6:00 p.m. this afternoon.
The program will be sponsored by Unicaja Banco and will include works from several Malaga companies.

Jose Manuel Gutierrez

JAN 11, 2024 12:43

The Echegaray Theater is now ready to open its doors and a new cycle of the Children’s Theater for two months. The youngest spectators will be able to enjoy with their families the visit of the tooth fairy, the smug little rat and Don Quixote where they will learn while having fun and enjoy balance and puppet shows.

At 6:00 p.m. this Thursday afternoon, tickets for the 10 performances that will be held between the months of February and May will go on sale with a single price of 6 euros. These sessions will be held exclusively on Sundays and will have a double function each day.

The parade through the municipal space will begin with La cosurerita brave by the Castellón-based Xarop Teatre until reaching Don Quixote nomad with a fusion of puppets and live cinema with the Sevillian company BricAbrac Teatro.


The program will be sponsored by Unicaja Banco, which will include works by the Malaga company La Líquida, which brings its praised and educational MUSEUM (March 17); La Carpa Teatro, which uses clown techniques in Los super weirdos (April 7), and La Fábrica de los Cuentos, which will teach The True Story of the Tooth Fairy (April 14).

With this new initiative, Málaga continues to bet heavily on culture and in this case with the creation of new audiences in addition to adding a new educational path in performing arts. This is demonstrated by the numerous shows that have been offered in this Christmas campaign for all ages and they continue to add works for the little ones.

These are the dates and functions of the new stage of the Children’s Theater cycle.

February 4. The brave seamstress or… Do not stitch without thread. Xarop Theater. Puppet Theater. From 3 years. A brave little seamstress killed seven in one fell swoop and decided that the world had to know about her feat, so she started traveling. People said they were seven elephants, seven monsters… Seeing her as a powerful warrior, they commissioned her to free a region from a giant and a terrible unicorn that frightened its inhabitants.

February 11th. Adragón, land of legend. MicroÓPERA. Musical theater with lyrical voices and zarzuela music. From 6 years old. The Kingdom of Adragón is going through turbulent times, the Great Lords have come to power with their orders, executions and ambition. And now the dragons, symbols of wisdom, must be eliminated. Pe is the warrior. Jota, the lover. The Great Lords, a deception and the dragons… are they really the bad guys? An enchanted legend where everything seems to be upside down.

18th of February. MUSEUM: The history of art for boys and girls. The Liquid Theater. Theater of actors, objects, puppets and manipulated projections. From 3 years. A fun and educational show for boys and girls. A wonderful journey that travels through the history of art with the help of the great masters: Picasso, Van Gogh, Velázquez, Michelangelo, Da Vinci… and the great masters, of course: Tamara de Lempicka, Sofonisba Anguissola, Frida Kahlo… Universal art is the perfect excuse to stimulate communication, creativity, perception, sensitivity and expression. And all, with a smile.

March 17. The little house of chocolate. Los Claveles Theater. Puppet Theater. From 3 years. “The Chocolate House,” states the Teatro Los Claveles company, “brings together everything that can fascinate a child: adventure, danger, tension, surprise, fear, magic and, above all, a happy ending. Despite its difficult adaptation to current times, we have accepted the challenge hoping, above all, to have fun and have fun.” The Murcian troupe adapts the famous tale by the Brothers Grimm, in which Hansel and Gretel, lost after being thrown out of the house by their stepmother, come across a chocolate house where they head out to eat.

April 7. The super weird ones. The Theater Tent. Theater of actors with clown techniques. From 3 years. Have you ever felt weird? And you… Have you felt strange? For sure yes. It has happened to all of us. ‘Rare’ means uncommon, scarce in its kind or species. I have to confess that when I feel strange I feel very good. Hilarious things happen to me, I laugh at everything and every moment is magical and unforgettable. My friends say they also have their quirks, and they show them when we are together… when there is trust. I think it’s because they are very special… They are my band… They are ‘Los Súper Raritos’.

April 14th. The true story of the tooth fairy. The Story Factory. Puppet theater and actors. From 4 years. Every night, Fito, a little mouse, asks his grandfather to tell him stories about his favorite superhero, the tooth fairy. Fito doesn’t like school very much because Nelson picks on him and takes away his sandwich every day. Fito will meet his ideal companion, the bird Loreto, who will tell him a secret: His grandfather is the real Pérez mouse! That same night his grandfather is discovered by a child when he was exchanging his tooth for a coin. Fito and Loreto will have to save him.

April, the 21st. Between tweezers. Solfasirc. Tightrope, juggling, unicycle, music and theater. For all audiences. He wants to make classical music and she wants to make rock&roll. Duo destined to fail! This mixture of interests will lead the performers to impossible situations in which the scores will fly to the rhythm of the giraffe unicycle and even the tightrope walker will be forced to dress on the thread. We will listen to classical composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, and our own compositions based on modern styles such as funk or jazz performed with bounce juggling, creating a symbiosis between music, visual arts and circus.

May 5th. The smug little rat. Tropes, Puppet Theater. Puppetry. From 3 years. Love cannot be chosen. Sometimes it comes and then it goes. Sometimes it stays forever and sometimes you never find it. Other times, you have it so close that you don’t even see it. Martina the rat and Martin the mouse are good friends. One day, Martina finds a coin and decides to buy a bow at her friend Martín’s haberdashery. She is so pretty that suitors are starting to pour in. Mr. Duck, Mr. Toad, Mr. Cat… Which will be the best choice? The little rat will not be easily conquered, nor will Martín allow the love of his life to be taken away from him. A hilarious version of the well-known traditional story.

may 19. Jam. The Altarpiece (Pablo Vergne). Puppets, objects and shadows. From 4 years. In fairyland, where everything is beautiful, wonderful and fabulous, there lives a little fairy called Mermelhada, who flies around wanting to do good things. But every time he wants to do good it goes wrong. Disenchanted with her status as a fairy, she asks an old witch to teach her some secrets of ancient wisdom. Little by little a very special bond is created between teacher and student. Together they will face challenges and discover where the true power of magic lies. A tender story of spells, magic and friendship that invites us to have another look at fairy tales.

May 26. Nomadic Don Quixote. bricAbrac Theater. Puppets and live cinema. Family audience. Don Quixote Nomad is an adaptation of the classic with an innovative format. The author himself, Don Miguel de Cervantes, will be the master of ceremonies of this show that fuses puppet theater with live cinema. An innovative proposal in which the league’s comedian tour formula comes together with contemporary aesthetics and techniques. The characters, built on paper, emanate from the book as if Cervantes’ dream came to life. Five cameras spread across the recording set collect the different points of view, which will be arranged live to tell this renewed version of the most classic of the classics.