Don Quijote Nómada by bricAbrac Teatro is admitted to the preliminary list of the Max 2024 Awards.

The SGAE Foundation announces the preliminary list of shows registered for the 27th edition of the Max Awards for the Performing Arts. In total, 520 registrations have been received in all its modalities; the second highest number in the history of the contest, only surpassed by the 2023 edition, with nine more shows. Organized by the SGAE Foundation, the most prestigious awards for the Performing Arts at the state level celebrate 27 years of experience, maintaining its 20 categories in competition and three special awards: Max Honor Award, which will distinguish the career of a person for their contribution, dedication and defense of the profession, the Max Audience Applause Award, which will be awarded to the show that has garnered the greatest support from the public, supported by the massive attendance of spectators and its permanence on the billboard, and the Max Amateur or Social Award. . About the Max Awards Organized by the SGAE Foundation since 1998, the Max Awards, whose award is designed by the poet and plastic artist Joan Brossa (Barcelona-1919/1999), promoter of one of the renewing groups of post-war Spanish art, have been consolidated throughout over these years as the broadest recognition in the field of Performing Arts in the Spanish state. The Max Awards for the Performing Arts have reached a greater number of followers and aroused the interest of companies of all types and from all over the national territory. In its last edition, held on April 17 at the Gran Teatro Falla in Cádiz, 529 shows attended, reaching the record number of entries in the history of the awards.