The ‘Theatre Classics’ festival brings Shakespeare and the Golden Age to Malaga theaters
The performances, which began on May 3, will tour the province’s theaters until the end of the month

Rocío Martín / ELDEBATE /Málaga / 05/05/2024

The first edition of the Malaga Classics Theater Festival, promoted by the Culture Delegation of the Provincial Council and the City Council of the capital, comes to the theaters of Malaga with the purpose of bringing local productions closer to both the city and its province. and national classical theater and disseminate the theatrical heritage prior to the 20th century.

That is why both the Spanish Golden Age and the legacy of William Shakespeare will be the protagonists of the 15 performances of 9 different works for different age ranges, always with a contemporary staging, which will be performed at the Theater Cervantes, the Echegaray Theater, the María Victoria Atencia Provincial Cultural Center (MVA) and the theaters, cultural centers and municipal auditoriums of Alhaurín de la Torre, Ardales, Mijas, Monda and Vélez-Málaga.
This first edition also seeks to recognize the determining role of women in the performing arts. For this reason, six of the nine productions represented are directed by women and a seventh is based on a text also adapted by a female author. In addition, two of the performances are based on works by female playwrights from the Golden Age, thus showing the transversal presence of women in the world of theater and throughout the centuries.

Adult audiences will be able to enjoy Self-portrait Espinel: Marcos de Obregón, based on the work Relations of the life of the squire Marcos de Obregón by Vicente Espinel, as well as the theater and lyrical poetry proposal You treated me with oblivion, El Marqués de las Navas and a new adaptation of Lázaro de Tormes.
There will also be room to bring classical theater to younger people. Dedicated to teenagers, the productions Self-Portraits of Pen and Sword and Enigma Shakespeare will be performed; and for children, Don Quixote nomad and El cielo de Sefarad.

Beyond the tables

In addition to theatrical performances, the Classics Theater Festival will also bring cinema closer to viewers. The Dog in the Manger, César Must Die and Ryan will be screened at the Albéniz Cinema within the Classics of Theater in Cinema series.

To complete the agenda, various training actions will serve as meetings with professionals from the sector in three meetings that will take place at the María Victoria Atencia Provincial Cultural Center: the Classics and contemporary cycle: playwrights of the Golden Age, the Classics before the camera course and a activity for teens about Enigma Shakespeare.