Torreperogil, performing arts in Jaén, and 'Classrooms'

At this point in the film (or the play) we already know what a biopic is, but on this occasion, Inko Martín and Saioa Royo, from "Mondo Bambalino", bring us a story about someone who they make a biopic without let him know.

From Saturday, November 25 to December 3, the XXXVIII Torreperogil Theater Exhibition (Jaén) is held, organized by Ymedio Teatro (our collaborators Álex Ramos and Santos Sánchez), and with scheduled artists such as Lolo Fernández with Guru and Elena Bolaños, by bricAbrac Teatro, with Don Quixote Nómada.

Immersive or invasive theater; a project that, beyond the scenic, is pedagogical and mediation; bullying, suicide, cyberbullying... Classrooms, based on a text by Carlos Molinero and directed by Rubén Cano, offers us an experience in every sense that three of its interpreters tell us about: Jordi Buisan, Cristina Bertol and Carmen Millet.

We say goodbye to the playwright, director and screenwriter Fermín Cabal; we announce the closure of the Sala Ultramar in Valencia; This week’s “Words on the Stage” by Leticia Audibert are by Miguel de Unamuno in Leer; We discover details of the 8th MAE, Iberian Exhibition of Performing Arts in Cáceres; and we heard a message on our answering machine from La Kritare about the premiere of All the Insignificant Flesh on the Ashes, about Samuel Beckett at the Teatro Circo Murcia.

In the “Posada Almayer” by Zaira Montes we hear echoes of The Hand of God (Cuentos a Nadia), with dramaturgy and direction by Elena Tur and with Pepa Zaragoza as performer. And Zarzuela Colombia, with Liliana Mestizo as executive director, takes the wedding and dance to Quito (Ecuador) and Bogotá (Colombia). By Luis Alonso, with stage direction and dramaturgy by Antonio Torres.
And we recovered a piece by Patricia Estremera because November 25 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. In one of his "Teatrellas" theater and life intermingle, as do our voices, fears, secrets and feelings. Fourteen voices of women unite in the same line of thought, in one voice and in a common objective: to denounce sexist violence and abuse. The late Laura Gómez Lacueva, Begoña Martín, Flora López, Lucía Miranda, Montse Simón, Yolanda Vega, Jazmín Abuin, Mabel Del Pozo, Laura Pacas, María San Miguel, Noelia Iglesias, Verónica Serrada and Ana Pascual collaborated, giving much more than that I have asked for them. And here is the result of that union.