'Don Quijote Nómada' by bricAbrac Teatro, during the Málaga 2024 Classical Theater Festival, at the Monda Municipal Auditorium

The project is an innovative proposal, in which the classic formula of the league's comedian tour comes together, with a contemporary aesthetic and technical proposal. The public will live an experience in an unconventional space, with the idea of ​​bringing theater closer to the public, but also with the idea of ​​doing it in a non-everyday space. This wraps the proposal as a unique and unrepeatable experience that everyone will want to experience.

The dramaturgical basis of the show is an adaptation of Miguel del Cervantes' work Don Quixote. We have renamed our version as Don Quixote Nómada, where our concept of fusing a classic of universal and world-known literature with the character and intention of being a mobile project with the desire for a world tour is clear.

Author: Elena Bolaños
Performers: Elena Bolaños Matthieu Berthelot
Adaptation: Elena Bolaños
Scenography: bricAbrac Teatro / Carmen Itamad / Yanira Muñoz
Costumes: bricAbrac Teatro
Music: Matthieu Berthelot
Lighting: bricAbrac Teatro
Sound: bricAbrac Teatro

Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended age: Family