nomadic don quixote

The Opinion of Malaga

Sunday, May 26 – 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. – Teatro Echegaray, Málaga

“Don Quixote Nomad is an adaptation of the classic with an innovative format. The author himself, Don Miguel de Cervantes, will be the master of ceremonies of this show that fuses puppet theater with live cinema. An innovative proposal in which they come together the classic league comic tour formula with contemporary aesthetics and techniques.

The characters, built on paper, emanate from the book as if Cervantes’ dream came to life. Five cameras distributed throughout the recording sets collect the different points of view that will be arranged live to tell this renewed version of the most classic of the classics. Will you join us on this new journey?” bricAbrac Teatro

The bricAbrac Teatro company was born in Seville, in 2005, from the need to express, to speak, to be heard and to share a different vision of the world. Their shows, which have been recognized with numerous national awards, are the result of the constant work, perseverance and specialization of their components in the development of various roles, making their projects the result of completely artisanal work. All of them give special relevance to the tone of comedy and social criticism, capable of awakening in the viewer their most critical and human sense.

This first festival co-organized by the City Council and the Provincial Council of Malaga aims to disseminate the theatrical heritage prior to the 20th century with special attention to the Golden Age in the capital and its province, and combine the theatrical exhibition with film screenings and training , as a way to meet with professionals in the sector and highlight and understand classical theater. Each show is aimed at a specific audience: all audiences, young people and adults.